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Meet Our Mascot

Every Wondered Why We're the Foxcroft Ponies? 

Meet Oakie, Our Mascot. Oakie is named after Louis Oakes of the class of 1892. When our school needed to expand our growing campus Mr. Oakes generously deeded his horse farm to the Trustees of Foxcroft Academy and largely financed the work on the new school building that opened in February of 1952.

Lady Eunice Oakes also contributed a substantial donation to the construction of a new gymnasium in 1960.  The name 'Oakie' celebrates the can-do community spirit of both Louis and Lady Eunice Oakes. These days, you'll find Oakie at most home games.


FA is named after a versatile Revolutionary War dignitary named Colonel Joseph Ellery Foxcroft. The businessman, explorer, and Maine State Senator purchased the township that later became our hometown of Dover-Foxcroft.