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Champs of '75 Basketball Court Campaign

The 1974-75 Foxcroft Academy boys’ basketball team made history by winning the first, and to this date, the only state championship.  Pony Pride was alive and well, and their ultimate success was the most talked about news item in town for months and years.  If you were around during that time, you will never forget it, and if you weren’t, you’ve heard the stories. 

It's time to make the 74-75 basketball team's legacy one that will last forever.

Foxcroft Academy plans to name the basketball court in the gymnasium after the 1974-75 state champs so their memory can live on for years to come, no matter what happens.  We are starting the 75 for ’75 campaign with the hopes that the funds raised will help us facilitate updates to the current gymnasium, including installing an air handling system to help cool the gym during the warm summer months.  The gymnasium has been our home since 1961, and this campaign will help continue that notion for years to come.

Give what you can….$75, $750, or $7,500.  No gift is too large or too small.  Your generosity will allow us to relive history and make the ’75 Champs' name live on in perpetuity.  

You all remember the names Nelson, Dunn, Hatt, Ingraham, Burtchell, Snow, Brown, Hewett, Mountford, King, Joyce, and Coaches Hanson, Kiah, and Clement.  The feeling you had in 1975 at the Augusta Civic Center may never be replicated, but the memory of this iconic team and coaching staff will live on forever, thanks to your support.

“Last one to leave town, turn out the lights!”

Toby Nelson

Director of External Affairs

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Cathy Hall

Director of Alumni Affairs

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