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Graduation Requirements

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Your Foxcroft Academy Diploma.

Welcome to a high school experience that makes you more ready for the road ahead. Our graduation requirements are designed to instill knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that help students become valued and valuable global citizens.

About FA Graduation Requirements.

We require proficiency-based course credits and a digital portfolio, along with annual library reading and community service requirements. In order to ensure the greatest number of options in the future, we encourage you to take as many challenging courses as you can successfully complete each semester based on your interests, abilities, and plans for life after Foxcroft. To learn more about our requirements in-depth, see Our Course Guide.

  • Academic Load Requirements: Students are encouraged to push themselves beyond their current interests and skill levels by stretching their comfort zones in academic and co-curricular activities. We require enrollment in a minimum of six courses per year to maintain status as a full-time student. Students are expected be actively involved in building a demanding schedule for themselves that limits their open periods to no more than two per days per semester. 
  • Portfolio Requirement: Each Foxcroft student is required to create a digital portfolio organized around the 5 Mission Standards, to be presented by late winter/early spring of their senior year. The portfolio affords students the opportunity to include a range of experiences, artifacts, and/or writings originating from diverse subject areas. 
  • Community Service Requirements: We believe that community service is a valuable educational experience and is integral to the fulfillment of the school’s mission for its students. All students in all grades must perform a minimum number of hours of community service each year, totaling at least 36 hours in order to graduate with at least 12 served in the senior year.
  • Library Reading Requirement: Reading is a critical skill necessary for an informed citizenry ready for success beyond Foxcroft Academy, and students who choose a book beyond their coursework demonstrate the ability to be self-directed, lifelong learners and increase their ability to be integrative and informed thinkers. All students must demonstrate that they have read at least one self-chosen library book per year of enrollment at Foxcroft Academy, approved by the library staff and not part of a course assignment. 

Jonathan Pratt

Assistant Head of School for Academics 

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Sheila Fitzmaurice

Foxcroft Academy Registrar

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