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Visitors with Disabilities

Foxcroft Academy complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 2008, which requires buildings to be physically accessible to people with disabilities.  Should you need assistance getting into or around our FA school building due to any physical limitations, please contact the main office (207) 564-8351, or you can email
Mr. Tim Smith, Assistant Head of School for Operations, (for school day inquiries)
or Ms. Jaclyn Tourtelotte, Athletic Administrator, (for athletics/game day inquires). 

Here is more infomation on accessability to athletic facilites:


Spectators are not allowed to park at the residence halls unless prior arrangements have been made, please contact the school the day before the event to ensure space will be available. Drop-off and pick-up are allowed in this area.


Spectators can drive down the access path near Herd Hall and park near the dugout, but not blocking egress for emergency vehicles. 


There is elevator access to the gymnasium. Please contact ahead of time to plan for someone to meet you at the door, or have a member of your party see the admissions person for access to the elevator. 

We will gladly assist you, as everyone is welcome to Foxcroft Academy!