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Mission & Vision

After a year and a half process, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to update the Academy’s mission and vision statements in the spring of 2021. Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, parents, students, alumni, and community members all provided their input throughout the process. 

Our Mission

Foxcroft Academy equips graduates with the life skills needed for success in college, career, and community by inspiring, engaging, and empowering students to become informed and active global citizens.

Our Vision

As an independent high school founded in 1823 on the principle that knowledge is power, Foxcroft Academy values the attributes that have been a source of strength throughout our history: the tight bonds that tie school to community, a cohesive student body with an abiding school pride, a professional staff committed to student achievement and lifelong learning, and an appreciation for the natural environment and safety of our rural location.

Whether our students come from central Maine or from around the world, we celebrate diversity and pledge to maintain our focus on educational excellence for all.

Our Guiding Principles

The Foxcroft Academy experience:

  • builds a global perspective through teaching and learning
  • demonstrates a commitment to serving all students’ growth as a whole person
  • prepares students for lifelong learning
  • honors human difference as fundamental to life
  • enhances the experience for all students and staff with quality facilities and technology
  • is implemented by a highly qualified, professional community
    that is dedicated to students
  • is supported by the pillars of integrity, respect, and responsibility

Foxcroft Academy

Officers & Trustees

Dr. Richard B. Swett,  President
Ethan L. Annis , Vice President
John E. Wentworth, Secretary
Jason W. Frederick, Treasurer

Dr. Hillary Caruso
Jack Clukey
Kelly Dennis
Kristen Gurall
Kenneth Hews
Norman Higgins
Kelly Keenan
Jessica Klein
Thomas Lizotte
Gerald "Trey" Merrill, III
Karen Pomeroy
Raymond Poulin
Stacy Stitham
Dan Wang
Kirsten White

Honorary Trustees

Susan Almy
Eric Annis
Dr. Robert Cobb
Doris Coy
Dr. Lynn Coy-Ogan
Peter Culley
Mary Kammer Fittig
Dr. William C. Forbes, III
Ralph Gabarro
H. Thomas Gerrish
Rev. Bernard Hammond
Donna Hathaway
Vandy Hewett
Jane Hibbard-Merrill
Laurie Lachance
David Perkins
Martha Rollins
Douglas Smith